A conversation between friends turned into a conversation between families about what we need to take care of all the people who rely on us as climate impacts get more extreme. What if the best way to help ourselves is to help each other? That idea is at the core of My Climate Plan.

We’re in our founding year and the team of launch board members, co-founders and collaborators will continue to evolve and grow. We will prioritize integrating the broad range of perspectives and skills that we need to make My Climate Plan a success.


  • Jamie Biggar – Jamie has a decades-long track record of co-founding high-impact organizations that empower people to improve their climate, democracy and economy. Before starting work on My Climate Plan full-time, Jamie served as the global leader of the country-based citizen-empowerment teams at Change.org, overseeing their work to help 80 million people around the world win their campaigns in 2021 alone.
  • Manu Kabahizi – Manu brings incredible experience in product design, technology and business development. As Co-founder and CTO of Ulula, he led the development of a supply-chain stakeholder engagement platform that engages millions of people in 30 countries. Manu is now the Head of the Accelerator for the federal government’s digital operations.
  • Jessica Wood Si SityaawksSi Sityaawks (Woman who creates change) is from the Gitxsan and Tsimshian First Nations with extended roots among the Tahltan and Nisga’a Nations. Her career spans senior leadership roles in advancing Indigenous rights, race relations and community development. Jessica was recently the second Policy Practitioner Fellow at UBC’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs.
  • Adam Lynes-Ford – Adam’s career spans senior leadership roles in climate, health and government. From farming and volunteer ground search and rescue work in his rural community, to advising the highest levels of government policy and decision-making, Adam excels at building bridges and translating values into concrete action.
  • Reilly Yeo – Reilly has decades of experience in large-scale citizen engagement. Through her work as the Managing Director of OpenMedia and Director of Communications and Public Engagement at the David Suzuki Foundation, she has built high-performing teams and regularly changed national public policy. Reilly now serves as Intern Minister at First Unitarian Church of Victoria, with a focus on how we support each other through the climate crisis.

Launch Board

The launch board will serve from October 2022 to the end of December 2023, and will deliver a plan for the next phase of governance for the organization in the middle of 2023. The launch board will grow again in early 2023 to prepare for that work.

  • Nida Hasan – after starting her career as journalist, Nida became the Country Director for Change.org in India and led teams that supported millions of Indians to win campaigns that improved the lives of millions more. Nina is currently pursuing a Mid-Career Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School, and is an award-winning advisor on tech, social good, gender, health and human rights in the US and India.
  • Rodrigo Samayoa – from leading digital campaigns for an open Internet and healthy environment, to public service, board leadership and volunteer search and rescue, Rodrigo’s career has always focused on the public good. Rodrigo is now training to be a software engineer, with experience developing for advocacy campaigns and electric vehicle companies, and is a leader amongst civic engagement and climate practitioners in Canada.
  • Sarah Lockwood – after starting her career at a public interest law firm challenging government abuses, Sarah went on to lead a 35 million-person strong email-based citizen empowerment list at Change.org North America. Sarah is famous for her skills in experimentation, innovation and cross-functional collaboration, and brings a relentless focus on continual evidence-based improvement to our work.


This is a partial list of the collaborators who are lending their incredible talents to developing and launching My Climate Plan:


So far, My Climate Plan has received funding from three sources: the sweat equity and foregone income from co-founders and collaborators; the monthly contributions of Founding Year members; and an initial grant from VanCity to help us reach 5,000 people with the Founding Year survey.

We are a registered non-profit and will be applying for grants and seeking donations to build the platform and membership program. In addition, we’re going to explore the possibility of incorporating a subsidiary social enterprise to hold the tech development that would welcome impact investment. If you’re interested in funding this work, please reach out at jamie (at) myclimateplan.co.